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A B WILDLIFE REMOVAL is a private wildlife consulting firm dedicated to solving issues arising from the urbanization of wildlife. 

Our company utilizes humane practices, state of the art trapping and exclusion techniques aimed at mitigating wildlife encounters.

 We Service Northern Alabama.


Greater Huntsville Alabama Bird Control Solutions

Most birds are federally protected by US Treaty with the exception of  pigeons, starlings, sparrows  and most non native species .

We know how to get rid of birds using non lethal bird control techniques.

We have a lot of success stopping birds in vents even dryer vents, we cleanup bird poop near bird roosting areas which include birds in the attic.


We Service Northern Alabama.


FREE ESTIMATES Within Huntsville and Madison AL City Limits. 

We provide wildlife control services in Greater Huntsville Alabama area.

We love helping new wildlife removal customers in Madison, Marshall, Morgan and Limestone Counties in Alabama.


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