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A B WILDLIFE REMOVAL is a private wildlife consulting firm dedicated to solving issues arising from the urbanization of wildlife. 

Our company utilizes humane practices, state of the art trapping and exclusion techniques aimed at mitigating wildlife encounters.

We Service Northern Alabama.


Raccoon Removal & Control Near Huntsville Alabama

Raccoon  Removal Near Huntsville Madison Guntersville Athens Decatur Alabama. Experienced in the capture of nuisance raccoons and preventing any further raccoon damage.


Got Raccoon In Attic? 

Most raccoons today prefer to live in attics compared to living in the hollow of trees or abandoned dens from other wildlife.

We repair all kinds of wildlife damage including the raccoon, raccoon proofing and raccoon damage repairs.

We do raccoon trapping and raccoon damage proofing.


We Service Northern Alabama.


FREE ESTIMATES Within Huntsville and Madison AL City Limits. 

We provide wildlife control services in Greater Huntsville Alabama area.

We love helping new wildlife removal customers in Madison, Marshall, Morgan and Limestone Counties in Alabama.


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