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Huntsville Beaver Control

Beaver Removal in Huntsville

Beavers are generally known for the distinctive structures they create in rivers and streams. These surprisingly sturdy homes are built from twigs, leaves, sticks and mud. The dams that beavers construct allow them to safely access a deep pool of water without fear of predators. This is also where they locate the majority of their food. In order to make a dam, local beavers may be chewing up the trees on your property while trying to gather building materials.

While watching beavers in action can be a wonderful experience, they can eventually become a nuisance. If you find yourself becoming tired of these animals and the problems their presence poses, AB Wildlife offers professional beaver removal for Huntsville and the nearby areas.

Huntsville: Common Beaver Problems
The presence of beavers on your property often indicates that you are near a body of water, such as a river, a lake, or even a retention pond. Beavers will often look to the areas surrounding this water for good sources of materials in order to build the dams in which they sleep and catch their food. The trees and plant life in your yard can become victim to the selection of these animals.

Frequently, the dams built by these beavers also cause flooding, which can quickly overtake embankments and flow into your property. AB Wildlife provides residents of Huntsville with a solution for common beaver problems like those already discussed. With our trapping and control services, you are guaranteed to be free of this wildlife in no time.

Humane Beaver Trapping for Huntsville Residents
We have been offering beaver trapping in Huntsville for over 25 years. Over that time, AB Wildlife has only utilized the most humane techniques in removing beavers from properties. This allows us to safely trap the animal and move it a new location where it can thrive without becoming a nuisance to homeowners or business owners.

Complete Beaver Control Huntsville
Along with our trapping services, we also provide beaver control. Huntsville homes won't have to worry about returning beavers with the help of AB Wildlife. We utilize small alterations to your property that make it an unattractive option for wildlife to inhabit or use.

Client Testimonial

Very pleased with responsiveness, communications, and technical excellence. Workers coming out to the house knew what they were doing and had the right equipment (especially Dewayne). Al (the owner) always responded to texts quickly and effectively. They checked the house regularly and removed all caught animals quickly. Price was very reasonable and did not invoice until the job was completed to our satisfaction.
- Alexander S.

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