As naturally curious and clever creatures, raccoons have adapted well to the changes we humans have made to their environment. As they become more familiar with these new surroundings, they also become bolder. Between seeking shelter in your attic and scavenging for food in your trash cans, these animals begin to depend on you for their everyday needs. While this may prove beneficial to the wildlife, it can prove harmful to your family and your home.

Residents of Huntsville needing raccoon removal can depend on AB Wildlife Removal for fast and humane services. For over 2 decades, we have been studying the biology and habits of wildlife in order to develop the best control and trapping techniques. You can count on our unparalleled experience when seeking to rid your home of those pesky raccoons.


Humane Raccoon Control

As nocturnal animals, raccoons frequently seek shelter from cold temperatures and rainy weather within homes. These resourceful pests are able to locate small openings and gain entrance into secluded spots, like the attic. For a pregnant animal, this is the perfect spot to create a nest for her large litter. At AB Wildlife Removal, we understand that while you may wish no harm on these raccoons, you also don’t wish them to cause damage to your attic or create health risks for your family.

We provide humane raccoon control in Huntsville that not only removes offending animal, but also offers a plan to make your property and structure less appealing to future wildlife visitors.

Professional Raccoon Trapping in Huntsville

AB Wildlife Removal performs fast and safe raccoon trapping in Huntsville and the nearby areas.

What to Expect with Raccoon Damage – Huntsville

The presence of raccoons is almost always accompanied by raccoon damage. Huntsville residents have time and time again become victim to the harm that these animals cause to their landscaping, as well as their homes. Don’t wait to rid yourself of these nighttime scavengers give us a call today.

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