While many homes seem to make mysterious noises in the middle of the night, it may actually be easier than you think to locate the source of these sounds. Little pests, such as squirrels, are often found making themselves at home in places like the attic. Between making nests in your insulation and chewing on important parts of your structure, these animals may be the cause of those noises you’re hearing.

When you need squirrel removal in Huntsville, you can count on the unparalleled experience of AB Wildlife Removal. For 25 years, we have been providing homeowners and business owners alike with fast and humane wildlife removal and control.

Huntsville: Safe Squirrel Trapping

AB Wildlife Removal has years of experience in squirrel trapping. Huntsville residents should never consider taking on the task of trapping or removing this kind of wildlife on their own. Highly territorial and notoriously fast, these small pests can actually become a danger to someone inexperienced in trapping. Being bit by a squirrel is a serious matter, so why risk it? Call AB Wildlife Removal instead.


Complete Squirrel Control for Huntsville Residents

Our team of wildlife professionals safely traps the squirrels becoming a nuisance to your home, and remove them from your property. As a part of our squirrel control for Huntsville and the nearby areas, we also amend your structure and other features of your property to make them less appealing habitats for wildlife.

Problems Caused by Squirrels – Huntsville

In the spring, female mother squirrels are in search of a safe and sheltered place to call home for their young. Your attic can easily become the preferred choice for squirrels to make a nest. Don’t let this happen call us today to evaluate your property.

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