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AB WILDLIFE REMOVAL is a private wildlife consulting firm dedicated to solving issues arising from the urbanization of wildlife.

Our company utilizes humane practices, state of the art trapping and exclusion techniques aimed at mitigating wildlife encounters.

We Service Northern Alabama

FREE ESTIMATES Within Huntsville and Madison AL City Limits

We do everything you need done related to WILDLIFE REMOVAL with the trapping, & humane removal of nuisance wildlife . Bats in attic, Raccoons In Attic, Squirrels in Attic and the trapping of beaver. We do animal damage repair using well known, proven humane animal damage control techniques (ADC).

  • BATS
  • And Many Other Species….

We Protect Homes & Workplaces !!

We do good work and provide great customer service.

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FREE ESTIMATES Within Huntsville and Madison AL City Limits

Wildlife can cause a large range of damage to your house. They can chew on wiring that can create a fire hazard. Damage or destroy duct work and other construction above and below. Animal waste can cause a whole host of different aliments and medical problems. Wildlife in your attic can not only be loud but very destructive, impacting your utility cost and impacting the value of your home.


  • Trapping and Wildlife Removal
  • Damage Prevention & Restoration

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