The most common types of bats residing in our community are the Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat. Due to their smaller size, both species often easily gain entrance into places like the attic through holes and small openings on outside of buildings. Since bats live in colonies, there have been reports of bats living together in groupings of 20 to 800 in an area!

It takes true wildlife professionals to safely and effectively remove bats dwelling in your home. AB Wildlife Removal offers Huntsville homes bat removal that is proven and effective. While taking actions that are in accordance with laws that prohibit the killing of bats. We are also able to isolate points of entry and prevent bats from infesting your home in the future.

Bat Removal
Has your property become victim to the constant presence of bats? You may have even found evidence that bats are living in your attic! AB Wildlife Removal offers homeowners in Huntsville bat removal that will help alleviate the nuisance that this wildlife causes. By efficiently excluding bats from your home into the wild, our services are humane and safe. In addition, we also provide services which keep bats from reentering your home.


Why You May Need Bat Control 
Bats, often humorously referred to as flying rats, have adapted well to the changes that humans have made to the environment. Especially accustomed to urban areas, these bats act as a host to a number of common diseases. Many of these diseases can be transmitted through droppings. If your business or home has become victim to the frequent presence of bats, there is something you can do to prevent it.

By utilizing the knowledge and experience of AB Wildlife Removal and our bat control, Huntsville and the nearby areas can effectively rid themselves of bats. Not only can we remove bats that are more familiar with your property, but we can also develop a bat-proofing strategy that keeps these pesky bats from inhabiting your space in the years to come.


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