It may not seem like chipmunks can cause much of a problem, but when a population moves onto your property, you may notice damage to flower beds, retaining walls or brick patios. AB Wildlife Removal of Huntsville has experience removing chipmunks in almost every circumstance so they stop damaging your lawn and structures.

What kind of damage can Chipmunk cause?
Besides being a nuisance, they can also consume bird seed, grass seed, flowers or pet food that is not stored in airtight containers. If the chipmunk population is left unchecked, they may burrow under patios or stairs and make their way into retention walls or foundations into your house. Chipmunk burrows are usually well-hidden. They actually stuff their cheeks with the excavated dirt and scatter this dirt throughout the lawn to help conceal their den entrances and exit holes. They usually have several of each. Thus, preventing the “I’ll stick the hose in there and flood them out routine”.

Really the biggest problem with chipmunks is that when they do remove the dirt under your sidewalk or concrete porch, they are leaving a void. It left uncontrolled they can possibly remove enough soil to cause the sidewalk and porch to collapse from the weight of the concrete. They leave nothing to help hold up the weight of the concrete structure.

How can AB Wildlife Removal help you with Chipmunk removal?
Our highly trained technicians can do a survey of your property. Once we determine the area where chipmunks are set traps to capture the chipmunks. Our technician will quickly remove the animals once they have been captured and take them away from your property.

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